Sunday, August 9, 2009

learn to learn

u would just Love to know what my heard is filled wit.
its amazing how ppl perceive things in different ways
its amaizn how everybody is different
its really a Godly gift
and yet we feel reluctant to know understand and share
ppl may say u are 2know cs u wont hung out wif em
and som may also nt understand wy u may hug out ppl less u
its all for wat they know and wat u can learn from em
that wat ppl never com around to understand
ppl com into our lives for various reasons beyond our imagination
learnt to learn from each other
and if u aint learnin nafin from sm1 then u aint lookin beyond his outward capabilities
life is teachn us thing evry day
ups, downs
all makeup our life
make use of every chance u get to spend wif any 1 u can across
u dnt know wat u can learn from even a bus conductor
again u hav no idea what my heard is filled wit
so i also dnt know of u.