Saturday, October 29, 2011

shadez or health ;p

so i got my new glasses. now i can see. ah. bt these shades o. hmm .. to i told dad. "
of late the sun hurts my eye to much.
i really need shadz. ... na lie... a man with 5 gurls would do anything for their health and education no
.... so daddy says... oh then pick one ....... so am going ... *&^%$#@! ... wopdodoooo. i got my new second eyes and a cool way to get shadz.haha. am loving it ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

me ;)

he took a picture and i did what i do best. i tested my self with a lil idea. so photography right. right camera right moment. hmm. if u say so' cos he took it with my E72 and i edited it with picasa... :0

Monday, October 24, 2011

i have too many biewriful fwends ;)

when i get bored my mind starts
to play games on me.

so i just


why not download some
tutorials and learn em


my old
laptop seems to b filled with to many
3d programs


i had to delete some
things. i figured.....

my pictures.

i had
to delete. bt how.


i put all my
beautiful friends together .....


this way i was able to practice more
of my editing, get space on my old
laptop to download more 3d tutorial


still get to keep my pix somewhere
i can always see em.

so you see.


i didn't delete your pictures... from my PC ... ;)

no dude

should come


tell me
i like this one
cos i know most of my male friends are
dating and i know your gfZ. i will chok..... ;P

the doll house

i see this pix
i miss school. reminds
me of so much. so much we
did and didn't do. i miss you guys ;)

am baaaaaccccccccccccck!

hey ev'boby. been so lost in my work i forgot
all about my blog.
am back
and i have been there
, here and ev'where. miss you all. got soo much. wont bore u
... no. u know i wont.