Friday, May 28, 2010


She’s special

5 girls…. Okay so someone beat

that so what? Lol…

She has so much incite

Mine is more than great

How is your mom like?

She knows everything

She can take care of everything

She can take care of anyone

She knows me well

In elementary school “earth”

She was my 1st friend

She still is my friend

Bff® … dig that

When I grow up’ I don’t want to be like her

I want to be better

With little faults so i can go to her for help

So she can always b a mother to me

So she can always fill I’d be back

Ofcourse I’d b back



What if I know and you don’t know

What if you know that I know and you can’t ask?

Did you tell me b4 I knew?

Why did you tell me?

Why did you not tell me early?

I told you l know before you knew

Who told you you know

Why do you think I know?

Where did I hear it from?

Oh you are ready to tell me

I thought you told me you’re self

You made it so easy to know

Are you lying to yourself?

I didnt say that to you

Did you ask me something I know?

Who would you like to know what I know?

You know how I know what you know

Because I know and you don’t know I know

But how would you know I know

How would you tell me if you don’t know?

Because you have to tell me what I don’t know

Yes, it’s that complicated


When am happy

You’re happy.

When you’re happy, am happy

No when am sad, be happy

I’d be fine real soon

No when am angry wait for me

Of course it’s you

When to say am sorry

When to say it fast
when it’s really needed

When you got to give me space

How hard can that

Harder than the easiest thing in life

How many minutes

What to do

Oh I know, you need you space

No, I can’t believe you hade

a laugh when I was down

What to do

Don’t say you’re sorry it’s not your fault

Why dnt you even call

How sad I am


How spontaneous ‘init

The simplest things in life

Are still the most difficult equations