Thursday, November 24, 2011

you get to liv 1nz

no editing in this text. didnt hav tim. had to throw too much in this text before it all runs out of my mind. some moments get soo sad when you are Happy and there’s a tear i another’s eye. today is friday. !st of all am exited cos sat’day is near and am gona play fifa ... ( wop wop ). had this stupid smile on my face and i turnned to grl next to me cos i just wanted to smile at some one. but i smile slowli droped cos hse had a tear in her eye and she smiled while the tear dropd. she turned away afterward and i felt silly. was it my buzne.. ofcos. y else would i meet her on a day that am so happy. so it told her if she didnt wana talk its cool but could we talk cos i love her dress. i got a smile from that. her name is nanyaa. she’s just been tru too much. i cudnt possible tel it all. she also works a osu so am gusn id be seeing her more. i made her laf lots cos hey dats wat do. but the topmost part is am so broke and waitn the month to end or this week so i go do one of my contracts and make some money. wen you are a big sis it gets lik that. thing is one of her probs today was that she wasnt gona eat cos if she did she cant go home. had to buy pertrol yeste so today am reali low on cash but i ave her half of what i had today. you should hav seen her she looked so preti with nice clothes shoes and bag …… what could she posibl want so much that could make her sad……but you cant judge someone by what you see only except if the person truli want you to see wats reali in there. personali i hate lyn to myself or myfriends. wen i break i break and i cry my heart out and tats that cos i cant afford t o fake anything. i thing it would kil my soul more than it would help creat a fake happy me.but other ppl choose to handle theirs in other ways. others realy do i in silly ways too. i have been tru a lot myself that i tort would never happen to me not cos it cant cos i min my own and do what i got to do onli and onlywhen i have too. so i have a theory… when an sad i call a friend and make her?him happy. i call some onwho would be happy to hear from me. i make something for a friend who would prolijump up and hug me. i send a text to a friend who i kno would smile when he/she sees it cos the after effect always makes me happy to see others happy. bad things will happen but its just for today. then tomoro it gone unless you want it to stay. when you have a prob and you wana cry, cry, talk about it. if today you think you are fine and tomoro you break down again cry again. smile and cry at the same time if you have to so that when you are done you feel soo much better cos you let it all out. it true some people hav it worse than you. heaven even those who are rich are not always happy. ther’s always somehing thats not there. besides we all dont have it all. but me ryt now i think i hav too much o. *rolling eyes* ( soo delicioz too.. ) things take time to work them selfs out, happiness, sadness, revenge, regret, they all happen in their own time. dont fight it and dont even bother to handle it. let it. you get to liv onli 1nz o ….


raw txt.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I am an African
Not because I was born there
But because my heart beats with Africa’s
I am an African
Not because my skin is black
But because my mind is engaged by Africa
I am an African
Not because I live on its soil
But because my soul is at home in Africa

When Africa weeps for her children
My cheeks are stained with tears
When Africa honours her elders
My head is bowed in respect
When Africa mourns for her victims
My hands are joined in prayer
When Africa celebrates her triumphs
My feet are alive with dancing

I am an African
For her blue skies take my breath away
And my hope for the future is bright
I am an African
For her people greet me as family
And teach me the meaning of community
I am an African
For her wildness quenches my spirit
And brings me closer to the source of life

When the music of Africa beats in the wind
My blood pulses to its rhythm
And I become the essence of sound

saw this piece n i fell in love with it ;)


Falling out and back in again
Forever the things we do and never
have the time for
over again
letting loose
letting free
taking your love unto me
comforted here
supported there
and witnessing it all
ripped asunder only to find peace again
in the smiling eyes of a knowing friend
thank you
for going away
so peace
and proof
and prickly thoughts might

My momenT

One day, I will disappear.
I will close my eyes and leave.
The sky might cry me some tears,
the birds might sing me some melodies.
One day, I will leave this place, and the world
will be silent for just a moment. Just one moment.

Song For Jen......In The Key Of Me

Song for Jen
In the key of me

Tough times follow you around
Sneaking up without making a sound
Bringing you down
Crushing the crown…of the queen

Hard knocks come knocking again
Each time you begin to catch your wind
No way to win
So you feel like giving in, packing it up

But life is about bouncing back
Not giving up and going on attack
Step back, Jack
Take back what you lack,
And fight Jen damn it
Put the crown back


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FecklesS IndefinitE MythS

I think it very foolish that people intend to go in day out talking about other people’s relationship like they know it all. sure we have been to school and read some books and walked amongst smart people (if they think so ) and understood so may stuff trough are mistakes and all but who do you think you are telling someone " he's your age mate, it won’t work" really? 'Cos i don’t see yours working even though you think no one knows what really goes on in your relationship. Nobody cares anyway but don’t stand up to someone and say “it won’t work”. All those tales are old and useless. If you want something to work you work it out the best way you can. That’s all that is needed. Age is and will always be a number because i for one can say i have come across so many people who were much wiser and smarter and said and did the best things t their young age. When they grew up they become foolish. Girls do not need to date a guy much older for her relationship o work. A guy doesn’t need to date a girl much younger than his age for a relationship to work. I have many friends who have girlfriends older than them and some of my gfs have bfs of the same age...... and they are doing just fine.... cos what? .... cos they have much better reasons to be together than subject to FecklesS IndefinitE MythS. There is never one way to fix a situation or to handle anything in life. One might work for someone and another might work for another. We are all smart in our own little way but trust nobody is the smartest. No matter how smart you are there is always someone close or around you who can tame your *limited blissful stupidity* ... don’t do that again. @.@

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the gods of their own land

yesterday i heard a friend of mine i gonna get married to this rich guy just to despise her x because she can’t seem to get over the trill that he left and he is back begging a lil. Yeah, we have all seen that happen a lot of times but for what. To show you can now laugh out loud and say “i told you so". Really. So i asked her... " you do know marriage is a long term nonsense right " ( not that i don’t wana marry but yeah it kinda is ) and she says ..... Well he's rich and if i have to go back to that full id just marry some who loves me.... (i.e. i don’t love him back) .... personally , even thou we are only human and the fact that no one has the right to make anybody feel miserable even if they did the worst thing to you. Try letting God handle it. Nobody said it’s easy. Ain’t nobody ever said any shit is easy. It better than playing god.... in whose world. This one? nope! I think in your own world. Good things come to those who do good and always have good well around 'em. If you do bad and you think good is happening to you try and sit and think, mostly its cos of who is around you at a particular point in time or in your life at a particular point in time. Yes it’s a nice feeling when you have been down for long and you are back up and everything is going right, like school, work, or even the fact that an x that damped you is back. But really. You wana make you life miserable jut cos you wana prove a point. gODS O THEIR OWN LANd tell you, when they get the chance to maneuver something they don’t hesitate even thou they have been there and know how it feels. I actually feel it’s just a handful who go through or see an experience and never ever repeat it. They rest all find a silly way to repeat it.
Tables turn.
Supposing what my friend to can be a little said to be idk okay. Just in the lane man sense that she went through a lot once. Yes why not. She has been through a lot. Am i being bias says you. Another godOFyourOWNland i see. Yes she has suffered and has been miserable for a while so she is at her peak now and wants to. Who are you to complain? Besides if she make that decision and feel she's stack she will defiantly make another decision. .... Stay and shut up. Suffer your own suffer... or she could make it the best she can cos it’s what she will have foe ever.
She’s a god in her own land she gets to choose who she wants to be with at the expense of many of whatever. She’s a god in her own land so she can play with whatever fire she chooses. She’s a god in her own land so she can choose to go and come as she pleases and time should wait for her. Judge her or not. her x who left after a long term relationship and left her heart broken with the foolish words " i don’t think we should comeback cos we are the same age" is back and she intends to marry a rich doctors who she met a year ago because ... in her own words .." yes i will marry him so he sees how it feels’. These gods in their own lands will kill us. @.@