Sunday, June 26, 2011


All and sundry have a way of making their priorities know even if it is not articulated out. We live and do what we want to when we want to but we still insist on blaming time and influence for our procrastinations. At my age I should know what I want. At least I think I do and I should know what my priorities are. At least I think I do. I wake everyday and say thank you God for just making me wake because I know I have another opening to make a distinction where I didn’t fine or ghastly. I thrash about to learn from my mistakes but as human as I am, yes I would be pulled back a tad. But I see it and I choose to disregard or ensue
I know my priorities. I showed all my friends. I didn’t bark but I didn’t do it mutely. I didn’t leave it void and I never will. I didn’t grow younger. I grew older with familiarity as to how to handle my priorities. I showed my friends where they are in my life and they did likewise. We didn’t bark and we didn’t whisper.
In my life today I see my priorities. I see what I need. I see where I should and shouldn’t be. What am doing wrong and why am doing it. I see where I should go on, stop and where I just don’t want to. In my priorities I see what magnitude is and what I can make significant.
In my priorities I see me, am worth what you know and am working what am worth where I am and with what I have today

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Side Effect

understand is me & You
slightest agreement
that’s as much as obligatory
gazing for just what the doctor ordered
encircled by fake
almost contiguous object to genuine
everyone has dilemma
easiest to tolerate
not approved conformity
How we're living
good turn to immense
that’s with consensual oomph
sometimes injured
still as happy as we want


It takes a lot to believe the truth is the truth when only the one speaking it knows. Human beings are not gods or special in any unique way like what we imagine individually in our heads. We just learn and thing in different ways and our minds develop depending on what goes in and adds up to what we already know. Everything that has been made took guts and risks and the will to constantly hear voices say it’s not going to work out. We leave with people. Walk, grow. Learn to trust fearlessly. We wake everyday to daylight and our first thought are the thing we haven’t done, don’t know how to or possible won’t do because as humans our tomorrow is forever. The bright light in the morning , I believe yesterday is supposed to stay In yesterday, but with hard work and determination we can do what we lost out yesterday and today if we can torture ourselves to go pass by destructions and not always through them, time would give us our balance. It is true that half the time we do not know what we are doing but it is also true that as we grow we have to get to point where no one can make decisions for you, they can only stick around and hope you choose what they wished you’d do, praying it is the right thing too. As much as we live by time, it also leaves by us. It’s never too late to do anything even though it is true you lost out on time. It still does not dispute the fact that everybody deserves a thousand second chances. If God is willing to give it to use in a split second, who are we as men to deny our equal of it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Subside Capsize Suppress

We Subside. Dip too deep
Capsize it. It turns and over turned
Suppress everything. Prohibitive
Collapse to lower level
Turn over? Naah just a tip over
Contain the sting, sentiment, impair
Slip the tolerance,
Vice versa. The feels upturn
Hold back the joy,
Gain the grants but cave in the will
My laugh, your smile, gradually tips
The memories curb the pain
The years settle your mind
The fear topples my feels
The thoughts bottle up, the voices submit
Torn apart. Descends the merger
The space to upend the experience
Hanker to become again holds back the fear
Feel for the once felt crashes the past
Fear is deposed, we smile
For a little while the doubts suppress the joy again
But for the memories the anger subsides
But for the new told and untold Capsizes

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can make my own decisions. You know I can because you can too. I know what am doing ‘cos am old enough. Everybody has a burly pride when it comes to making decisions. Especially when the decision results in a good upshot. Enthusiasm over powers our emotions just because we feel a superior intellect of pride that we made a good decision. Little do we know that whether you ask or seek little guidance for making a decision, its till been prejudiced of some sort. Sometime circumstances happen and we don’t know how to grip ‘cos we torn between decisions. Then we think and think and make a decision mostly based on the last and final thoughts that come to us. I can hear it too, the misgiving, the firmness, the realism, the literature. Some say don’t make a decision when you are happy or sad hoping that we make a decision with the other plenty options time and resolution has given to use. In our time, there no more (yes or no)s. So many answers have been giving to simple question. I hear it to the voices saying that’s not it it’s this. No this is not it it’s that. Sometimes when a lot of voices keep saying the same thing no matter how hard or not willing you are you should listen. As much as we all like to believe that we make our own decisions it’s never so. As much as we would like to call ouselfs smart and aged, we are never too old to learn something new. Every cliché has a vice versa. I hear it too when I told myself I grew up to make my own decisions.


That what we are full of. In the image of God but not the thoughts. Egotistical beings we are. Always seeking to please ourselves of other’s misfortunes. But we hide behind the excuse of just pleasing one’s self. We walk around pointing figures when we all have learnt constantly the other three points to us. Everybody starts most of their sentences with … “me. I’d never do that”, when all we do is “that”. The easy way out is to point out that is what you want to do. They say it’s called rights, privileges, summed up words made by few who lived before us. The easy way out is when the way gets so easy it gets out

Thursday, June 2, 2011

if you don't, DON'T!

iMSck ("Chukwunasalumokwu)

as humans, the only time we see a problem is not a problem is when its not ours. then as fast as the speed of a bullet, the words * your problem is not the worse in the world* surfaces. am not gonna lie and say it ain't a problem but am not also gonna lie and say wallowing to show God that he don't know you got a problem is the best way. when i met you i loved your style, you intelligence and the fact that you could turn a sad moment into a bright 1. it was as though i was seeing my reflection. you don't find you kind around that much any more.

To see you sad like this makes my heart weep. its true the sun would not shine everyday else you would probably be as gay as always at this particular moment but that don't mean you should let it rain for that long. tomorrow will come and you'd see its not that bad. so cheer up sweetie, everything would be just lovley before you know it. mwuah

Wednesday, June 1, 2011