Friday, March 26, 2010

Pear pressure

its the simple things
that makes life hard
its the the several options seeked
that makes life confusing
its the will to choose that
makes life intermediately adventurous
its the way all YES want to be NO
and all NO crave to actually mean YES
that makes life so spontaneous
its the surprises unexpected that
makes all the lies expected and also accepted
its the way i want it
they way she hides it
the way he said it
the truth that hurts
the things that are compulsory
the things that go with the things
its the yes that i said
that you want to agree on
its the way every problem
has two solutions
your way or my way
its the way doing the right thing
is now a competition
its the way thinking is cheap
and acting i difficult
its the too many errors
and the lack of excuses
its the repetition and the
slow correction
its the tolerance and the
patience by force demanded by piece
its the changes that never change
and the changes that we do not know how to handle
the one's we never expected
or the ones we constantly say wont happen
its the thin line between
love and hate
its the risks to take and the
wrong moves to make
its the state of minds we
find our selfs and the refusal move
even thought its truly optional
its the way we go all out with
expectations but still refuse to c
nothing coming in return
its the thinks you do that i
do not like and the things i do
that you do not like
its the things you'd like to do
and the thinks i pretend i do not do
its the things that makes you
smile when you alone
and pretend when your not

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Someone once said in a movie that marriage is

“I can give you anything but love”.

He also said he thought love

was a mild kind of illness like a

flue or chicken pox of which he is safely immune.

He said when it comes to the opposite sex most men are selfish.

I like that man for nothing but his sense of humor.

“what is marriage life like”.

What would draw someone to say,

“Let’s leave together”,

when everybody wishes they could own a house individually…….. Space.

Everybody loves that yet everybody is scared to be alone.

I went out last week and as coming back home, I got a lift.

Benefit of the thought, I took it…. An old man; Almost 60.

We talked for hours. I was enjoying the conversation.

He told me about all his girlfriends and said

“don’t think your husband will never cheat you on”.

He said that’s what marriage life is.

He said he had to hold every kind of woman before he died.

He said he had even slept with Asian women before…..... At that point I dint know if he was exaggerating but I was game……

he said

if u never cheat You would be cheating myself.

If u stick to one person life would be boring.

If you get married and he doesn’t cheat teach him how to cheat

As I sat there people kept staring but there eyes weren’t saying “disgusting”, rather they were saying” ahaa but this is normal”.

He said

What would make a young girl go for an old man?

Money and Security

What would make an old man go for a young girl?

The feeling of youthfulness.

What would make a man cheat on his wife?

Too much familiarity lack of variety

What would make a married woman cheat on her husband?

I never wanted you.

What would make a young guy cheat with his fiancĂ©e’s best friend before his wedding day?

Of course he would marry you, but you knew I would go to her.

What would let a woman cheat with her best man before he wedding

You should have come with him when you were asking me out. I would have said no.

Its actually very easy to build ones happiness on another’s unhappiness

How is after marriage really like.

Do are parents know the truth or they show us what we want to see.

What if you don’t marry the one you want o marry.

What if you marry the one you want to be with?

What if you marry someone way older?

What if u marry someone way younger

What if we don’t get married at all?

What if married life is really all about



Smile for the camera,

Family lunch dates,

Sleep in different rooms,

using your business as camouflage.

Do you think you would always know

what goes on in the mind

if the one you sleep next to