Wednesday, October 21, 2009

simply difficult

are you alright

did i hurt you

am so sorry

are you okay

it was unconcious

i came as soon as i could

what did i do wrong

can i correct it

should i give you a day

please call me back

where are you, am coming over

it would never happin to us

it would take a lot

first thing in the morning

your the best

lets start over

i don't want you to go

i would prove it to you

i got u

its hard to work when you'r mad at me

i dont wont you to get hurt

my mom says hi

its always about you

i hope you will be fine

call me when your fine

i dont feel like talking to you

i will try 2morro

am too tied

i just want to hung out

i think your too into me

give me some time

i need space

do you see us together

am sorry

thats what i thought

am falling out

i will give you time

i want to be single

oh! am glad thats over

do i account to you

i didn't think its important

i think about both of you

don't dare me when it comes to you

it should be simple and painful

i can see your lips moving

but all i hear is blah blah blah

make your list

its hard being myself
when i have so many things
and so many people hooked to me

some i can handle
in few seconds
and some assistance would be needed

wierd how freedom canbe explained
as being able to do what ever you want

when what ever you want
is when every smile hides a tear

when every smile comes with
" how am i going to go through this"

when i have a whole list
of what i need
but can only have
number 1 and 99

if everybody has to shout
" i need ............."
the wolud would be filled with
" we are out of ..............."

give me time, and money
and patience and and and
and forever