Tuesday, June 15, 2010


She’s an artist of sort
With her brushes and paints
But she doesn’t use canvas
Its option she stain

Around certain friends
She paints on a grin
So she can be all the rage
So she can fit in

With other acquaintances
She’s thunderous and obscene
It’s the aim of the fixture
To be rowdy and mean

Close to her kin
She’s quite and bashful
They hardly take notice
If she is nearby

When she’s with the guys
She’s a rag and a flirt
She gives and gives
Ignoring the hurt

The people close at hand
They anticipate and implore
That they could be popular
Like her one day

But when she’s unaccompanied
She breaks down and cries
For there is no answer
To “who am I”

It’s an understanding

Life is
Characteristically remarkable
Unspeakable loud
Cowardly courageous
Insanely dull
Patiently anxious
Horribly good
Animatedly real
Arrogantly humble
Incompetently capable
Hysterically calm
Foolishly realistic
Perfectly imperfect
Cynically optimistic
Simply complex
Precisely off-center
Who are we to complaining?

she's searching

Her traits, her beautiful, not visible
Beautiful for what’s on the inside
Not a perfect shape
Not the face of a movie star
More like 13 year old, pimples and all
But when her splendor strikes at you
She uses her personality

Thursday, June 10, 2010

my wake up call

Her! It was nice papa
Waking up to the radio as usual
With a dad like mine you don’t miss
I know as a child most of us even learnt English from TV. Radio
. . . yeah yeah yeah
Don’t know if anybody remembers
As early as 5am a man comes on air
To teach and correct a few of our everyday wrong language
I had to repeat every word no matter where I was in the house
Yeah, beat that..lol
Dad’s inductions “you live under my roof, you do as I say”
Anyway, today was different
But with the usual, always waking up to politics. (I know, everybody does)
I hear our president went to South Africa on a commercial flight
Did they learn anything from Air force 1?
I mean they can’t tell me they missed it
Gtv use to show it every month. Lol….Hehe… I think
Don’t know about now though
I hear the president had to sit and wait for a
commercial i.e. (normal me and you everyday travelling) plane
I thought the plane should be waiting for the PRESIDENT
Anyway, so I manage to sleep of again
Until I heard this song I thought was real nice
then one of the lines in the song went
“In high school every kid’s got a drug dealer’s number on speed dial”
True or not true or not true
That is the question
This one di3 western countries o
There is some silly stuff you don’t try to do in GH
Unless you home don’t conform to GH rules no more
That we don’t mind
After all nowadays the whole idea of “every parent is you parent” hardly works
People turn to mind their own business
Mom says in their time
Whether he/she was you nine month or special children i.e. pre/post matured …Lol… oven
He /she had the right beat the living hell out of you when they catch you doing wrong
Hardly works these days
I hope all of you know who Ray Charles was
If you don’t, don’t worry I’d fill you when you grow up
Ray Charles was blind but he use to do drugs
And he was always caught… ask me why…Lol
You wonder why some people do some stuff
Thing is, you would probably not know even if you were
carried and places literally in their shoes
Apparently he was married twice, but had 12 children with 9 women
A blind man…… wow
E! Its nice papa
Waking up to the sound of the GH radio
I hear today N.D.C. is 18 years old
Happy b’day
“when I get older ,I will be stronger………………”
The radio is playing my song now meehn!
I got to go back to bed now
It’s just 10:12 am….. to early to wake up
Heheheheheh… Deuces