Friday, May 28, 2010


What if I know and you don’t know

What if you know that I know and you can’t ask?

Did you tell me b4 I knew?

Why did you tell me?

Why did you not tell me early?

I told you l know before you knew

Who told you you know

Why do you think I know?

Where did I hear it from?

Oh you are ready to tell me

I thought you told me you’re self

You made it so easy to know

Are you lying to yourself?

I didnt say that to you

Did you ask me something I know?

Who would you like to know what I know?

You know how I know what you know

Because I know and you don’t know I know

But how would you know I know

How would you tell me if you don’t know?

Because you have to tell me what I don’t know

Yes, it’s that complicated

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