Monday, September 27, 2010

His says and her says

Am tired tonight from my workout earlier today
Oh I can’t hear you, the line is breaking
that’s my sister’s perfume and underwear
am hanging with my gay friend
can’t see you today, got to do some stuff for dad
am pregnant
Am not a flirt, just prefers the company women give me
Am in my period
I didn’t do nothing, she just called and said it was over
Am at home on my bed
I don’t live with my mom, my mom lives with me
I don’t like sex
she’s my study partner and we have group study at 2am
only had sex with 5 guys in my life
she’s been calling my phone all the time
am going home for the weekend
she kissed me, I didn’t kiss her back
it’s a sleepover with my girls
am in a bad place in my life right now and I don’t wanna drug you down to
I have never even hugged him before
am never gonna pay a hooker for sex
am broke
am still a virgin
she’s not my type
am going to bed, talk to you tomorrow
she’s just my ex
that’s my uncle
I like you just the way you are
Am nice to him because of you
i was looking at the dude next to her
That hot girl is my cousin, ask my boys
Am hanging out with the boys tonight
You look guf in ‘em jeans
I just wish we could be friends, no strings attached
You’re my only one
I didn’t tell you ‘cos I didn’t wanna hurt your feelings
And then there’s >> its not you it’s me


  1. Wow! Brilliant piece. I wonder if I've ever said any of these lines.

  2. that the twist of it. everybody's got a line in there