Sunday, June 26, 2011


All and sundry have a way of making their priorities know even if it is not articulated out. We live and do what we want to when we want to but we still insist on blaming time and influence for our procrastinations. At my age I should know what I want. At least I think I do and I should know what my priorities are. At least I think I do. I wake everyday and say thank you God for just making me wake because I know I have another opening to make a distinction where I didn’t fine or ghastly. I thrash about to learn from my mistakes but as human as I am, yes I would be pulled back a tad. But I see it and I choose to disregard or ensue
I know my priorities. I showed all my friends. I didn’t bark but I didn’t do it mutely. I didn’t leave it void and I never will. I didn’t grow younger. I grew older with familiarity as to how to handle my priorities. I showed my friends where they are in my life and they did likewise. We didn’t bark and we didn’t whisper.
In my life today I see my priorities. I see what I need. I see where I should and shouldn’t be. What am doing wrong and why am doing it. I see where I should go on, stop and where I just don’t want to. In my priorities I see what magnitude is and what I can make significant.
In my priorities I see me, am worth what you know and am working what am worth where I am and with what I have today

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