Thursday, June 2, 2011

iMSck ("Chukwunasalumokwu)

as humans, the only time we see a problem is not a problem is when its not ours. then as fast as the speed of a bullet, the words * your problem is not the worse in the world* surfaces. am not gonna lie and say it ain't a problem but am not also gonna lie and say wallowing to show God that he don't know you got a problem is the best way. when i met you i loved your style, you intelligence and the fact that you could turn a sad moment into a bright 1. it was as though i was seeing my reflection. you don't find you kind around that much any more.

To see you sad like this makes my heart weep. its true the sun would not shine everyday else you would probably be as gay as always at this particular moment but that don't mean you should let it rain for that long. tomorrow will come and you'd see its not that bad. so cheer up sweetie, everything would be just lovley before you know it. mwuah

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