Friday, March 26, 2010

Pear pressure

its the simple things
that makes life hard
its the the several options seeked
that makes life confusing
its the will to choose that
makes life intermediately adventurous
its the way all YES want to be NO
and all NO crave to actually mean YES
that makes life so spontaneous
its the surprises unexpected that
makes all the lies expected and also accepted
its the way i want it
they way she hides it
the way he said it
the truth that hurts
the things that are compulsory
the things that go with the things
its the yes that i said
that you want to agree on
its the way every problem
has two solutions
your way or my way
its the way doing the right thing
is now a competition
its the way thinking is cheap
and acting i difficult
its the too many errors
and the lack of excuses
its the repetition and the
slow correction
its the tolerance and the
patience by force demanded by piece
its the changes that never change
and the changes that we do not know how to handle
the one's we never expected
or the ones we constantly say wont happen
its the thin line between
love and hate
its the risks to take and the
wrong moves to make
its the state of minds we
find our selfs and the refusal move
even thought its truly optional
its the way we go all out with
expectations but still refuse to c
nothing coming in return
its the thinks you do that i
do not like and the things i do
that you do not like
its the things you'd like to do
and the thinks i pretend i do not do
its the things that makes you
smile when you alone
and pretend when your not

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