Monday, September 27, 2010


The simple “I forgive” and “I forget”
is effortless in words.
The awareness of the hurt
is simple in dealings.
“Am sorry” is supposed to work but
feelings insists it come with penitence.
What kind of language to express,
that is unknown.
We feel somewhat
we hope people comprehend.
It takes a smart one
to know when to bridge in
and when to allow space.
It takes a caring one
to know when to bridge in always
and to be in your space, always
taking a lot of s**t as and when.
It takes an egocentric
to know when to leave you alone
and when to wait forever till your good.
It takes a simple sorry to fix everything
that would defiantly be fixed in a week or more, lull!.
It’s silly and hard to forgive
it’s silly and simple to hold onto.
Rumor has it that letting go
makes one fill lighter than ever.
According to the grapevine,
being sorry without pride
makes it easy to let go
Apparently, sorry should be
the lastODDERofTHEday
Is it?

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