Monday, September 27, 2010

Norm hypocrisy

“Am not lying”
Who is then?
“I like being around people”
Joke! Tell it the mirror
“Oh sure you can have it”
A heart ache
With an everyday tolerance
Not a bad thing at all
If everybody would admit to it
Not a bad feeling at all
If you would not smile constantly
Like you super-glued it
While you hands control a punch
Would not bad at all
If you told her not to name it
That it was all fun and games
Light hearted you would fill
If you didn’t tell her she looked great
Silliness comes back
To preoccupy you
When tolerance has an anxiety attack
Deal with things the old fashion way
And Lord Help you >> you are mean
Yet, the that-was-not-nice sayers
got you on speed dial to do ‘em dirty work
Did you tell her I will die for you…. Negro why!
I got you, whenever my game is up
In that particular situation >>> perfect
Am getting dislocated in the shoulder
Because you can’t handle you business
Shame on you for calling yourself a man
Can’t wait for you to grow up alongside your age

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