Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can make my own decisions. You know I can because you can too. I know what am doing ‘cos am old enough. Everybody has a burly pride when it comes to making decisions. Especially when the decision results in a good upshot. Enthusiasm over powers our emotions just because we feel a superior intellect of pride that we made a good decision. Little do we know that whether you ask or seek little guidance for making a decision, its till been prejudiced of some sort. Sometime circumstances happen and we don’t know how to grip ‘cos we torn between decisions. Then we think and think and make a decision mostly based on the last and final thoughts that come to us. I can hear it too, the misgiving, the firmness, the realism, the literature. Some say don’t make a decision when you are happy or sad hoping that we make a decision with the other plenty options time and resolution has given to use. In our time, there no more (yes or no)s. So many answers have been giving to simple question. I hear it to the voices saying that’s not it it’s this. No this is not it it’s that. Sometimes when a lot of voices keep saying the same thing no matter how hard or not willing you are you should listen. As much as we all like to believe that we make our own decisions it’s never so. As much as we would like to call ouselfs smart and aged, we are never too old to learn something new. Every cliché has a vice versa. I hear it too when I told myself I grew up to make my own decisions.

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