Sunday, June 19, 2011

Subside Capsize Suppress

We Subside. Dip too deep
Capsize it. It turns and over turned
Suppress everything. Prohibitive
Collapse to lower level
Turn over? Naah just a tip over
Contain the sting, sentiment, impair
Slip the tolerance,
Vice versa. The feels upturn
Hold back the joy,
Gain the grants but cave in the will
My laugh, your smile, gradually tips
The memories curb the pain
The years settle your mind
The fear topples my feels
The thoughts bottle up, the voices submit
Torn apart. Descends the merger
The space to upend the experience
Hanker to become again holds back the fear
Feel for the once felt crashes the past
Fear is deposed, we smile
For a little while the doubts suppress the joy again
But for the memories the anger subsides
But for the new told and untold Capsizes

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