Saturday, June 25, 2011


It takes a lot to believe the truth is the truth when only the one speaking it knows. Human beings are not gods or special in any unique way like what we imagine individually in our heads. We just learn and thing in different ways and our minds develop depending on what goes in and adds up to what we already know. Everything that has been made took guts and risks and the will to constantly hear voices say it’s not going to work out. We leave with people. Walk, grow. Learn to trust fearlessly. We wake everyday to daylight and our first thought are the thing we haven’t done, don’t know how to or possible won’t do because as humans our tomorrow is forever. The bright light in the morning , I believe yesterday is supposed to stay In yesterday, but with hard work and determination we can do what we lost out yesterday and today if we can torture ourselves to go pass by destructions and not always through them, time would give us our balance. It is true that half the time we do not know what we are doing but it is also true that as we grow we have to get to point where no one can make decisions for you, they can only stick around and hope you choose what they wished you’d do, praying it is the right thing too. As much as we live by time, it also leaves by us. It’s never too late to do anything even though it is true you lost out on time. It still does not dispute the fact that everybody deserves a thousand second chances. If God is willing to give it to use in a split second, who are we as men to deny our equal of it.

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