Thursday, July 7, 2011

my 1st crush

Today my quite time gave me the words “in any situation look up to God because he gives you the strength to face you problems not flee from them”. I got the message. Trust me I did. Except the whole morning I could not get me grandpa out of my head. Lying on that hospital bed like his last breathe was near enough out with speed. Never have I seen grandpa so feeble. Never have I been in the same room with grandpa and not hear him say “maame-Anna so where are we going”. He was always full of life. Always knew the coolest things to say.
Grandpa In his old age, still a ladies’ man. Frankly am sure I would have falling for him if he came during my time. Intelligence just gives me butterflies and that was grandpa. When I go to visit and complain about how am tired of learning, grandpa would be busy writing a list of books I should go buy for him to read. He said “’cos I want to keep learning till am out of here.” Shoot! Old man was not my favorite when he was in one of his intelligent moods. Having a grandfather who was so learned, men! You wouldn’t wana hung around too long to be lectured. After all I get that for daddy every time. Lol. A smart guy once told me I exert a pull on people with such charter and charisma.
But today am sad. To know deep within that with all the “it will be well-s”, he would be leaving soon. To know I wouldn’t hear him say my name. To know he keeps forgetting who I am every time I go Visit. They say you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. I think it’s rather you don’t know what you have until you see it slipping away and you can’t do nu’un much about it but just pray and wait it out.
Every time mummy said I should go visit grand pa I’d be so reluctant ‘cos the old man just talked too much. Damn! Don’t get me wrong I love my grand pa. He is and still would be one of the 1st men I had a crush on. Yeah blame me but he had swag in his old age. I mean girls want a good guy but as much as every guy dreams of a threesome(oh please you do and you won’t get it) we girls also like bad boys (in wonder land, just in wonder land that’s all) I remember my sister Deborah’s first few words we. “oh I have stopped, this is the last time” ‘cos every time we went to grandpa’s, immediately he saw us, he would throw his cigar on the floor, step on it to and say “oh I have stopped, this is the last time”. Funny, but it never was though till far later in life.
You should have seen grandpa at my matriculation. White suite, white Benz. Men! Dude just loved the life. It was just fun to just keep repeating “no he’s not my dad, he’s my grandpa”. I wish he’d come visit in his white Benz again. I wish to hear him say my name again and know it’s me he’s calling. After all he gave me the name “maame-Anna” which later become “maana” ‘cos my lil sis decided to change everybody’s name at home while learning her 1st words. *rolling eye balls”. But grandpas don’t remember me. Grandpas don’t remember my name guess at this point what every memories we shared are all with me now.
Every time I hear song “between to lungs” by Florence and the machine, it gets me thinking about grandpa. I love the words in that song. You might too, my next article.

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