Wednesday, July 6, 2011

do all you can

see this road. it could pilots to anywhere you want it to. But in the closing stages everybody dies .as you go, so many things could occur. As you progress so many people would come by your way. Some you would leave behind and some you would cherish and leave with forever. So many decisions you would have to make. Time is for everybody and time likewise is for no one.
So live life to the fullest. Be with the people you love and cherish who love and cherish you. B with the people who like you for who you are and would fight with you because the love you. Make you self happy and make others happy too. Life looks long but its realty short.
It’s eerie how some things that happen in a split second can change or sustain you decision about something, someone or a situation. we all like to believe that we had time to think about things but truth be told when a situation in life comes our way we choose to either handle it because we know it could go bad or end unfavorable to us or procrastinate because we have that feel that any day anytime it could be handled.
It’s comical how a day with a friend, a loved one, a family member can change soo much about you and the way you think or behave in life. We have a billion alternatives to everything and as much as there are different ways to fix a situation it all comes down to one. so choose your path and live but remember to take responsibility for every single decision you make

My memory verse for my day 2day said
“Do all the good yOU Can.
In all the ways yOu can.
For all the people yOu can.
While yOu can.

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