Wednesday, November 2, 2011

am the new com'r

this was supposed to be published on 1st cos that when i started my new job and fun thing thou, that day i was so happy to learn so much i forgot to publish it. but that day was great. something happened that i wont tell cos most of the few who know what sup in my life are always looking out for the extra story. but yeah.. if you know then you would know that a certain someone made it worth it. yeah you did and i know you will read this so yeah. you made my day. ;). now for those who would read and think its who you know.. my friend you look silly to me and yeah I said it .. ;p. i love my work and i hope it does turn out how i pictured and i hope my other plans turn out jerh too. he didn't say it wont be hard put he promised he would never leave so yeah i am loving him and holding on to him. ;) as for the past its the past, if it crops up into my future it better be for that reason that y i want cos i don't give two fkz if you don't want that reasons too. don't judge. yeste you told me about your silly situation so you better not be look and reading like " y did you have to say that "
oh and on the 2nd ... mmmm. i wont tell you ooo. some other time. one of these days my post is gonna be " on the 2nd of November... " but right now i cant tell you ;P
now today seems to be going well except i herd something that got me a lil upset but hey i have learnt that its only does who know you who can hurt you the most and frankly forgiving doesn't mean you are stupid. yeah does mean am the bigger person. some people come into you life and just 'cos they see you have a lil nice spot for 'em they just keep on. patience as i have learn is not that hard. take you mind of and let God. he will make you smile later.

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