Friday, November 4, 2011

SkinnY in TrotrO

this guy sitting behind me o ... hm. today the guy real "felt" o. so am sitting in front of this guy in the "troski" yeah and there's no support for my back, the seats ares so close to each other you sit so close to each other. dude is not complaining at all even thou i saw him enter the vehicle and i know his legs are really long. well for some funny reason he was slim and cute mmm like i like ,em so why not. me oo i didn't complain. i mean i could feel his knee on my butt but mmm " ahiaaa". this silly thingi in me kinda kept hoping he wont get down soon but awwww i had to alight before him at a point. so i turned , smiled and he smiled bk and he said " am not asking for your number but i think i,ll see you again if you pick the bus there every day" ...... i smiled back. its been two days and b'cos i know how to get to work early even if i don't wake that Early i have missed him n two days. mmm ;( . i will meet him. i know i will. one of these days. the silence was nice. i like it when i don't feel the guy is tryna "ron" me. so now i have to wake up.mtchew! ah. oh well..... -_____-

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