Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FecklesS IndefinitE MythS

I think it very foolish that people intend to go in day out talking about other people’s relationship like they know it all. sure we have been to school and read some books and walked amongst smart people (if they think so ) and understood so may stuff trough are mistakes and all but who do you think you are telling someone " he's your age mate, it won’t work" really? 'Cos i don’t see yours working even though you think no one knows what really goes on in your relationship. Nobody cares anyway but don’t stand up to someone and say “it won’t work”. All those tales are old and useless. If you want something to work you work it out the best way you can. That’s all that is needed. Age is and will always be a number because i for one can say i have come across so many people who were much wiser and smarter and said and did the best things t their young age. When they grew up they become foolish. Girls do not need to date a guy much older for her relationship o work. A guy doesn’t need to date a girl much younger than his age for a relationship to work. I have many friends who have girlfriends older than them and some of my gfs have bfs of the same age...... and they are doing just fine.... cos what? .... cos they have much better reasons to be together than subject to FecklesS IndefinitE MythS. There is never one way to fix a situation or to handle anything in life. One might work for someone and another might work for another. We are all smart in our own little way but trust nobody is the smartest. No matter how smart you are there is always someone close or around you who can tame your *limited blissful stupidity* ... don’t do that again. @.@

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