Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the gods of their own land

yesterday i heard a friend of mine i gonna get married to this rich guy just to despise her x because she can’t seem to get over the trill that he left and he is back begging a lil. Yeah, we have all seen that happen a lot of times but for what. To show you can now laugh out loud and say “i told you so". Really. So i asked her... " you do know marriage is a long term nonsense right " ( not that i don’t wana marry but yeah it kinda is ) and she says ..... Well he's rich and if i have to go back to that full id just marry some who loves me.... (i.e. i don’t love him back) .... personally , even thou we are only human and the fact that no one has the right to make anybody feel miserable even if they did the worst thing to you. Try letting God handle it. Nobody said it’s easy. Ain’t nobody ever said any shit is easy. It better than playing god.... in whose world. This one? nope! I think in your own world. Good things come to those who do good and always have good well around 'em. If you do bad and you think good is happening to you try and sit and think, mostly its cos of who is around you at a particular point in time or in your life at a particular point in time. Yes it’s a nice feeling when you have been down for long and you are back up and everything is going right, like school, work, or even the fact that an x that damped you is back. But really. You wana make you life miserable jut cos you wana prove a point. gODS O THEIR OWN LANd tell you, when they get the chance to maneuver something they don’t hesitate even thou they have been there and know how it feels. I actually feel it’s just a handful who go through or see an experience and never ever repeat it. They rest all find a silly way to repeat it.
Tables turn.
Supposing what my friend to can be a little said to be idk okay. Just in the lane man sense that she went through a lot once. Yes why not. She has been through a lot. Am i being bias says you. Another godOFyourOWNland i see. Yes she has suffered and has been miserable for a while so she is at her peak now and wants to. Who are you to complain? Besides if she make that decision and feel she's stack she will defiantly make another decision. .... Stay and shut up. Suffer your own suffer... or she could make it the best she can cos it’s what she will have foe ever.
She’s a god in her own land she gets to choose who she wants to be with at the expense of many of whatever. She’s a god in her own land so she can play with whatever fire she chooses. She’s a god in her own land so she can choose to go and come as she pleases and time should wait for her. Judge her or not. her x who left after a long term relationship and left her heart broken with the foolish words " i don’t think we should comeback cos we are the same age" is back and she intends to marry a rich doctors who she met a year ago because ... in her own words .." yes i will marry him so he sees how it feels’. These gods in their own lands will kill us. @.@

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